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Bineskurbisgarten - A Project

Single Male Portrait: Christoph

In photographing my friend Christoph, I thought to stick to clothes he often wears, and just add elements I associate with him. He is often rock-climbing, hikes, caving, and generally in nature. It is only fair that we find a location nearby with water, rocks and add some ropes.

Desi & Pat - Standesamtliche Hochzeit

Herzlichen Glückwunsch an Desi und Pat. Ich hatte die Ehre, ihre standesamtliche Trauung diesen Monat zu fotografieren. 


2023 FunkenFeuer der Eggenstoiner

Nora & Max: Wedding in Heidelberg

2022, January 15th: I had the privilege and the pleasure of photographing the wedding of two beautiful people, Nora and Max. We managed to capture the event and all the fun despite certain COVID 19 restrictions. I loved the fact that families and friends turned out in numbers to witness and support the couple. Oh, and they had a great band! Here are a few shots from the event.